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Dynamco Para275 (P275) Cyclops Remote Immobiliser

Security for our vehicles has been through some changes over the years. Security Systems to more standardised Immobilisers help keep our vehicles secure and safe.

A lot of vehicles have standard security these days, but what if yours doesn’t, how much is security and peace of mind worth? If your car is older and you don’t have that as a part of your security package, Autospark can assist you in this area with supply & fit.

Dynamco’s Para275 (P275) Cyclops Remote Immobiliser system is at the forefront of security.


This Australian Standards approved immobiliser provides two circuits of automatic engine immobilisation operated by rolling code random encrypted remote control. The system may provide keyless entry and visual confirmation via the vehicles indicators. The system has a dash mounted high intensity red LED.

The system will arm immediately if the main button of a valid remote control is momentarily pressed, the doors will lock and all security functions will become active. The system will disarm when the main button of a valid remote control is pressed.

The car’s engine is automatically immobilised 40 seconds after the engine has stopped. The auto-arming feature is disabled while the system is disarmed and the ignition switch is in the ON position.

The system features two independent 30 Amp rated, normally open immobilisation circuits, which break engine critical signals in the vehicle. Starter motor, fuel pump, fuel injection, main ignition are commonly immobilised circuits. System sources alternate power from ignition if main power is lost.

Additional immobilisation circuits can be added to conform with insurance company requirements and all relays are fully encapsulated to provide protection against dust and moisture.

The system uses two black ABS plastic remote controls with long life Lithium batteries. Allows system to track three controllers. Two CR2016 Lithium batteries have a expected average life span of between 9 and 18 months (depending on usage). Battery manufacturer may vary due to availability of stock.

If the valid controller is lost, stolen or broken, the user by over-ride the system by enter the secret four digits via the ignition switch. This LED flashes to inform user when system is armed. The LED is mounted on the driver’s side dash and is visible from outside the window.

The system can trigger factory central locking, aftermarket central locking or central locking relays. The included warranty guarantees control module is free from manufacturing defects for 24 months from time of purchase and guarantees remote controls, siren and sundry items are free from manufacturing defects for 12 months from time of purchase.

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