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Dynamco Keyless Entry CYCLOPS KE-CLR-TX90

Convenience features in our vehicles has been through a lot of changes over the years. From a simple LED light, central locking to much more complex items. One area that many owners probably take for granted is the keyless entry feature which is becoming increasingly common for our cars. Convenient, aids in security and is just plain handy.

A lot of vehicles have this feature as standard these days, but what if yours doesn’t, how much is convenience worth? If your car is older and you don’t have that as a part of your package, Autospark can assist you in this area with supply & fit.

Dynamco’s KE-CLR-TX90 cyclops keyless entry



  • Electronic Boot Release
    Press and hold the secondary remote control button to activate boot release output. The indicators will flash four time each time the boot release signal is sent (boot release precludes total closure)
  • Total Closure
    A 15 second pulse is output on the boot release wire if the small button on the remote is pressed within 15 seconds of locking the doors. A successful total closure operation is accompanied by four indicator flashes. This pulse may be used to trigger window closure module (total closure precludes boot release)
  • Perimeter Illumination
    As an extra safety feature, the indicators of the vehicle can be made to light up for 25 seconds after the doors are unlocked. The indicators will extinguish immediately if the doors are opened

The system is designed to feature an LED that flashes to inform user when system is armed. The LED is mounted on the driver’s side dash and is visible from outside the window. System flashes car indicators when arming or disarming.

  • Locks and unlocks all doors
    System can trigger factory central locking, aftermarket central locking or central locking relays
  • Variable pulse time
    Extend pulse length to drive pneumatic central locking systems (Mercedes)
  • Automatic re-locking
    System will re-arm and re-lock doors if previously disarmed by remote control and doors remain closed
  • Anti-hijacking protection
    The system will lock the vehicle door two seconds after the ignition is switched on, providing the door remains closed. The system will then unlock the doors when the ignition switch is turned off
  • Dual stage unlock
    Allows user to unlock driver’s door before unlocking all other doors

Manufacturer’s warranty on Control module guarantees control module is free from manufacturing defects for 24 months from time of purchase. Manufacturer’s warranty on Remote controls guarantees remote controls are free from manufacturing defects for 12 months from time of purchase.

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